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German-Belgian Desk

German-Belgian Desk specialised in German-Belgian judical matters for enterprieses and individuals.

Our law firm

Our law firm, with branches in Aachen (Germany) and Liège (Belgium), specialises in German-Belgian judicial matters. We represent the interests of enterprises and private individuals in Belgium and Germany. We represent our clients on an extrajudicial and judicial level. We may act before the German Amts-, Land- and Oberlandesgerichte as well as before the Belgian justice. We also frequently act before international arbitration boards.

International economic and commercial law

International economic and commercial law as well as international civil procedural law constitute our core business. A key component of our activity consists in assisting our clients on the foreign market in question, whether through branches, sales representatives or concessionaires. Also important is the drafting of contracts (including general terms and conditions) for foreign transactions, with special focus on the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Your contact

Mr. Guido Imfeld, LL.M., is a native German who resides in Belgium. He is a licensed lawyer in both Germany and Belgium. As well as English, he has command of the three official languages: French, Dutch and German, of course. His many years of experience in the area of German-Belgian cross-border business, which he has been active in since 1998, comes in very handy during his work. First-hand knowledge of country-specific mentalities and commercial practices is vital to successfully representing your interests.

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